Component Four: Institutional and Project Management Support

Team Members

Mr Kwame Owusu Bonsu – Project Director

Mr Victor Donkoh – Financial Controller

Dr Abdulai Darimani – Technical Advisor

Mr William Oppong – Head of Procurement

Mr Macualey Amankwah – Procurement

Mr Philip Laryeah – Procurement

Mr Felix Ampadu – Financial Management Specialist

Component 4 of the LGCSP supports the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) to fulfil its role in supporting the decentralisation process specifically related to fiscal decentralization, urban development, and the operation of the UDG within the context of the project.

Component 4.1 – Institutional Support:

It aims at strengthening MLGRD through providing technical assistance and operational support to key units. The Urban Development Unit is supported to undertake studies on metropolitan governance systems and the hierarchy and functions of urban settlements in supporting growth in Ghana. The Fiscal Decentralisation Secretariat received support to review guidelines for harmonization of Donor projects supporting decentralization, transition planning in the context of fiscal decentralization, local government budget analysis, the costing of MMDA expenditure assignments and associated investment needs, as well as options for systems of local revenue administration, including property tax valuation approaches.

Component 4.2 – Management of the UDG:

This will support the management of the UDG by providing a long-term technical advisor in grant management, short-term support as needed, and public information disclosure. The DDF Secretariat is also supported in the management of the UDG.

Component 4.3 – Project Management:

This supports project management activities with human resources and administrative cost. The support includes two procurement specialists, one Financial Management specialist, and an environmental and social safeguards specialist at MLGRD.

The support also covers outreach orientation programmes to participating MMAs on UDG principles, modalities and operating procedures, the capacity support program, and performance assessments. It also funds periodic and annual workshops to facilitate peer learning across MMAs and to discuss options for the utilization of service contracts Under the CSF.

The Inspectorate Division and the Monitoring and Evaluation Unit of Policy Budget ME receives operational support, including carrying out semi-annual physical progress reviews of MMAs.

Project communication activities and training for MLGRD staff were supported, as well as operating costs for goods and equipment for MLGRD that are associated with project implementation.

Finally, this sub-component support the citizen satisfaction surveys related to the project results framework, as well as project audits, the mid-term evaluation, and final project evaluation.